: New Site for Reggie Kelly Writings

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a new site for Reggie Kelly, the "Ben Israel 'Theologian-in-Residence'" as Art Katz once called him. My website host has made the WordPress "blog" system available to me in the last year, and rather than transfer my own online Journal to that space, I believe it will be put to much better use by putting Reggie's writings there. This has already proved to be significantly easier to post material than the way I had been doing on the old site.

The new site (called "Mystery of Israel") lends itself much more readily to comments (not that Reggie himself will be able to respond there), searches and categories. I will be leaving the "old" site up for the foreseeable future as it has the articles that were on the Ben Israel web site when Art was alive. It also has some newer articles that are not posted yet in the new format. Last but not least, the old site still ranks much better on Google when searching for Reggie's name. (He is not to be confused with the Reggie Kelly who once played football for the Cincinnati Bengals, although I think "our" Reggie just might be taller). So until all of the objections are overcome the old will stay.

But having said that, the new site already has significant content from 2007 not found on the old one. Until I started this project, I did not fully realize how much Reggie writes and how blessed those of us on his email list have been. Wow!


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