The Demands on a Chosen Nation

Wednesday, January 7. 2009

Written partly in January 2009, when Israel invaded the Gaza strip in order to stop missiles directed at Israel, that were coming from that region.

With the recent military movements of Israel against Hamas in Gaza, Hamas has achieved a public relations victory beyond their wildest dreams. The little rockets that Hamas has been taunting Israel with from months/years have been like bait, luring Israel to do exactly what it has done in recent days: strike back hard. The fact that some Israeli's have been killed or wounded and that a measure of fear has been instilled in Israel's population is simply icing on the cake for Hamas. What they are really working towards is the turning of popular world opinion against Israel. By drawing Israel into striking populated areas it has made huge strides toward obtaining that goal.

It does not matter if Israel is justified in the actions it has taken. God is holding Israel accountable to a higher standard than He has any done for any of the other nations up to this time. They have obtained His unmerited favor and attention. Other nations may (for the time being) retaliate and defend themselves when attacked. Israel may not. God expects, and even demands, that they turn the other cheek. This is because that is what He would do. In fact this is what He has already done in the person of Jesus.

Israel is powerless to do what it must do because it has rejected the only source of the ability to do it: the Spirit and Life of God in Jesus the Messiah. Except for a remnant, Israel, like the rest of the world, is wholly given over to idolatry. Idolatry is simply serving anything less than God as He knows Himself to be. If we listen to and obey any directive other than the pure, unadulterated Word of the living God, it does not matter what we call it. It is idolatry or spiritual adultery. The angelic principalities and powers know when men cease to respond to their lies and when they are no longer bound by the fear of death. These same principalities also know that God has promised to free Israel from this bondage to idols and make them a nation of kings and priests unto Himself.

more to come